Youth Inspiring YOUth Application
Engage. Inspire. Connect. The mission of Reel Causes Society is to bring together the power of film and community to create positive change around social justice, environmental and health-related issues. We host regular social events where audience members enjoy award-winning independent documentary or narrative films while learning about pressing issues and connecting with community change-makers. For more information, visit As members of the Youth Advisory Council, our goals are to support the Society, motivate the public, and speak out about causes that matter. To achieve these objectives, we have developed the Youth Inspiring YOUth initiative.

Youth Inspiring YOUth is a short film series that inspires viewers to be the change they wish to see in the world. By interviewing outstanding students who have made a difference in any capacity, we hope to raise awareness on issues that may be overlooked by the media, while showcasing ways to get involved. If you have had work published, led a rally, been on a provincial team, become a vegan, planned a conference, or anything in between, we want to hear from YOU!

The application deadline is DECEMBER 19th. Interviews will be scheduled throughout winter break.

We are currently seeking youth from Greater Vancouver. Interviews will take place in your city of residence.

You will receive media recognition by being featured on Youtube, Facebook, and the Reel Causes website. You will also be awarded with a certificate of contribution.

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